Our treatments

Ayurvedic and well-being treatments.

Treatments without accommodation

Enjoy a few hours of treatment with energising, balancing and soothing benefits of ayurvedic massages as well as the virtues of its diet. The treatment is personalised and adapted to your needs.

Slimming treatment

Price: 192€

Reception, spa, Udvartana, herbal pouch massage.



Anti-stress treatment

Price: 188€

Reception, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Kansa bowl.


Deep vitality treatment

Price: 195€

Reception, spa, seven-position massage, Marma therapy.


Detoxifying treatment

Price: 187€

Reception, spa, Udvartana, shirodhara.



Muscle pain treatment

Price: 175€

Reception, spa, Abhyanga, herbal pouch massages.

There is still more to come

Stay in touch, our list of treatments is to grow very soon!

Treatments with accommodation

Extend your stay so as to develop your treatments and enhance a deep healing process. For a two-day treatment, a certified practitioner will draw an ayurvedic checkup and will determine with you a tailored course of treatments according to your needs and expectations. We will also explain to you the different benefits of the ayurvedic meals.

One day treatment

Price: from 300€ onwards

Choice of a cure among the 5 previous ones and including one night + breakfast + 1 ayurvedic meal + 1 access to the covered and heated pool from April to
from April to September. Lodging possible in a guest room or chalet
(see more details).

Two-day treatment

Price: from 650€ onwards

Includes 2 nights with breakfast, 1 ayurvedic assessment, choice of a cure among the 5 specific ones including 4 massages adapted to your needs, 2 SPA sessions, 2 ayurvedic meals (2 lunches or 2 dinners) as well as an access to the
heated swimming pool from April to September.
Accomodation is possible in a guest room or in our cabin (more details here).

None of the treatments mentioned above should replace standard, conventional medical or paramedical care.


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